The MultifieldFormula tool in Alteryx provides a versatile solution for conducting calculations across datasets, especially when computations depend on specific rows or values. Follow these steps to leverage the MultifieldFormula tool effectively:

Understanding the Use Case:

Imagine having a dataset with missing values that need to be filled with zeros. This can be achieved efficiently using the MultifieldFormula tool.

Data Import and Connection:

Import your data into Alteryx and establish a connection to the MultifieldFormula tool.

Configuration of the Tool:

Configure the MultifieldFormula tool by selecting the fields you wish to modify. These fields are separated by data type.

Tool Configuration Options:

Check or uncheck the “Copy Output Field and Add” option. When enabled, this generates a new column with a predefined prefix or suffix, housing the updated values.

Utilize the “Variables” box to select any variable that serves as a reference for the calculation.

Explore available “Functions” and “Saved Expressions” in the tabs on the right for additional functionalities.

Building Expressions:

Double-click on variables on the “Variables” box to include them in the “Expression” box. Craft the expression that executes the calculation you need based on the chosen variables.


For instance, in the provided example, the tool first checks if the Current field is NULL and replaces it with a 0. This formula is then applied across all previously selected fields.




With the MultifieldFormula tool, even a simple formula can offer extensive data cleaning capabilities. Its flexibility empowers users to streamline data cleanup processes across entire datasets efficiently, making complex calculations with just a few clicks.

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Author: The Data School