Last week, I took the new Tableau Data Analyst exam and luckily passed it. In this blog, I will talk about the preparation you can do for this exam.


What do you need to prepare before the exam?


A computer with webcam and microphone because you need to listen to proctor’s instruction and give response. A stable internet connection is also important. You don’t need to have tableau installed as you’ll be using tableau on a virtual machine they provide.

Also, you will need to have your driver license or passport ready before the exam starts.


Exam Rules and Skill Measured


Official Exam format


120 minutes (includes 3 minutes to review NDA and 5 minutes for tutorial)

Knowledge questions: Multiple Choice, Selection, Active Screen (Build list, Drag and drop, and Hot Area)

A hands-on lab with 10-11 tasks (I got 10 questions in this section)

The exam has a total of around 50 questions including the hands-on lab (I got 55 questions in total)

The video tutorial and demonstration of knowledge-based question types and performance-based types can be found here.


Things to Revise in Tableau Destop/Tableau Server/Tableau Prep


Tableau Desktop


Below are some important calculations/tableau calculations

  • ZN​   IFNULL​
  •  LOOKUP​
  • INDEX and RANK (Dense, Competition and Unique)
  • % Total Running Total YTD Total
  • Moving Avg

More comprehensive list of calculation functions can be found below

Tableau Server


  • Publishing Data Sources/Workbooks/Dashboards
  • Data extracts/live connections
  • Embedding credentials/user access/user permissions
  • How you can enforce row-level security
  • Create and edit an alert/subscriptions
Tableau Prep


  • Splits, pivot, rename
  • Aggregation function
  • Joins / unions / data blending

Hopefully, this blog helped you gain a better understanding of what to expect in this exam. Don’t underestimate the exam and always be well-prepared. The key point is to remember how to use all of Tableau’s features.



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