Back in the day, before Unit pricing became mandatory in supermarkets, did you ever find yourself standing in the isle trying to work out if the 375g tub of peanut butter was better value than the 780g tub? If you were like me, you would have done it more times than you care to admit. As it turns out, you were already analysing data at the time, you just didn’t know it.

Are you interested a career change into data analytics but feel you don’t possess the necessary skills to make the transition? Are you worried that if you take time off to study, that you will become a burden on your family? This was me before I found out about the data school. You will be paid to learn how to utilise world class data preparation and visualisation software.

The Application Process

Before I applied to the data school, I only had 2 months of exposure to tableau through self-learning. When you are ready to apply, I would highly recommend you go through the Tableau starter kit, but most importantly, find a topic that really interests you, because the more interested you are in a topic, the more you will want to uncover insights about that topic. If you need some inspiration, check out What did it take to get into DSAU10? compiled by one of our coaches Natalia Miteva.

Once you have created a viz that you are happy with, start working on insights. Find the things that don’t fit the dataset, the things that make the dataset imperfect. And then, ask yourself why? Why does that not fit? and keep asking yourself why, until you can explain why the data has deviated from what was expected. This will enable you to find unique insights that can separate you from the crowd.

Next, you will want to save your viz to tableau public and submit it. Do not leave it to the last minute to submit as this will limit the time that you can receive feedback from the coaches to improve your viz. And YES! they will give you feedback as they want to see the best version of the Data Analyst in you.

At this point, you should be proud of how far you have come and how much you have learnt, regardless of the outcome. If it so happens that you were not successful, you can always apply again in 4 month’s time as this will further show your passion for data, and your dedication to become a data analyst.

So what are you waiting for? lets get started.

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