The Tableau 2022.4 version has just been released, and today I will be going through one of the features called PROPER Function.

In Tableau, the PROPER function is a string function that capitalizes the first letter of each word in a string.

For example, if you have a string “tableau software,” the PROPER function would return “Tableau Software.”

Below is an example of how you might use the PROPER function in Tableau:


As we can see, both the First Name and the Last Name are capitalized.

Let’s use the PROPER function to change it.

  1. Create a calculation field called Full Name.
  2. PROPER([First Name]+” “+[Last Name`]), I have combined the First Name and the Last Name in this example.


As we can see that the PROPER function can be useful when you want to ensure that the names of your fields or dimensions are consistently formatted with proper capitalization. You can also use it to clean up data that may have inconsistent capitalization, such as names that have been entered manually.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.


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