Welcome to my blog for day 2 of dashboard week, today’s challenge was more of a challenge then yesterday. This morning began with presenting the dashboard from yesterday and received positive feedback. After presenting all our dashboards we received the next dataset that the coaches wanted visualised. The dataset was information about models of CPU chips and GPU chips from different companies over the years. When I first saw the dataset, I noticed that it was on a topic that I have zero knowledge about. I had heard of CPU and GPU, but I could not describe what they are or what they do. This blog will cover the process of myself designing and creating the dashboard.

I spent about 30 minutes watching YouTube videos to learn more about CPU and GPU chips. After I had more background knowledge, I moved onto looking for a story. Through my brainstorming I landed on the idea to create a dashboard for a user to select what CPU they should purchase based on personal preferences. So, with this I first filtered out the GPU data to just investigate the CPU chips. I storyboarded the dashboard to have a main page that will have navigation buttons to a page that has general information regarding the models, then another page that describes average data from each brand of chip. Next, there would be the final page that has a table will all the models that people can filter to find the CPU chips that are right for them. Now it was lunchtime and time to build the dashboards.

Around 1:00 I started creating the dashboard, due to the presentations taking a long time as well as brainstorming ideas and storyboarding my dashboard. For my first two pages, general and brands, I decided to show one graph at a time but allow the user to use navigation buttons to change the graph they are looking at. I created three line charts, average number of transistors, average process size and average TDP, all over time. I then duplicated these three charts but split the lines so there was a line for each of the brands. I then had to create the final section of the CPU chip recommendations. For this I made a simple table with filters on the side for the users to enter in their requirements. I’m not completely happy with the dashboard as it still requires formatting, but I am decided to treat it as an important lesson to timebox. Therefore, for day 3 I will make sure I leave time for formatting. You can check out the dashboard on my Tableau Public page.