Welcome back my blog. Today did not go as planned. I’m sure we have all had those days where nothing goes right. This morning began with learning about the next challenge which was to make a visualization on transcripts from Australian Prime Ministers speeches. The API did not work so our coach gave us the SpaceX API. I spent until well into the afternoon searching the data for a story and couldn’t find one. Then I forced myself to select a few datasets, I think there were ten in total, and create dashboard out of it. I then had issues joining the datasets as they were not behaving in the way I would like. At this point it was around 3:30-4:00, I had to make the quickest dashboard I could, and I only had limited columns to work with as many were null due to my incorrect join. I’m not happy with my dashboard as I know I can do a lot better, just nothing went right today. I’ll put a picture of my dashboard below, as it won’t be on my Tableau Public. I’m proud of some of my other dashboards from the week though so dashboard week has not been a complete loss. I’m going to come back to the topic of SpaceX and spend more time creating a great visualisation. Something I learnt today is to when to let go. I spent a few hours trying to get coordinated out of the data that was provided. I was using python scripts I found online to try to do something with the data. I should have cut myself off and focused on something else, then I would of had time to fix the data join issue and create a much better dashboard. There is one more day to go of dashboard week and I hope I can end on a high as we then head into the last two weeks of data school training.