As I look back on the past 16 weeks of my life, it’s astounding to realize how much I’ve grown both personally and professionally during my training at the Data School Down Under. This transformative experience has equipped me with a toolkit of skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape my journey ahead. I have had a huge professional and personal growth and I am going to write a blog as a reflection of this part of my journey.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my training was diving headfirst into the world of data analytics. From deciphering complex datasets to drawing insightful conclusions, I’ve gained proficiency in a range of essential tools. Tableau empowered me to visualize data in ways that tell compelling stories, while Alteryx revolutionized my data preparation process, saving me valuable time and effort. I absolutely love these tools (Alteryx being my favourite). I can’t wait to keep practicing my Alteryx skills by completing Alteryx challenges and master Tableau by building dashboards on dashboards that interest me.

I got to learn many other things like delving into the realm of SQL was an eye-opener. Querying databases gave me the ability to extract meaningful information from vast data repositories. This newfound SQL fluency not only enriched my analysis capabilities but also instilled in me a deeper appreciation for the power of structured querying. beyond technical skills, the Data School Down Under placed a strong emphasis on honing our presenting abilities. Clear communication is paramount in the world of data analytics, and I’ve learned to transform intricate findings into engaging presentations. Whether it’s breaking down complex concepts for non-technical stakeholders or inspiring my peers, these skills have proven indispensable. This is something that I want to continue working on as I have a big interest in telling stories with data. I’ve noticed numerous dashboards that present data without weaving a coherent narrative, and I’m determined to change that trend. My presentation skills were the hardest thing to train during the data school, my presentations were horrible but each presentation I have gotten better, and I am going to continue to grow.

A defining aspect of my journey was the collaborative environment fostered at the Data School Down Under. Working alongside passionate peers and engaging mentors offered me diverse perspectives and fresh insights. The experience of tackling challenges as a team not only enriched my problem-solving skills but also highlighted the value of diverse viewpoints in delivering robust solutions. I’m very grateful that I get along with everyone in my cohort. We became quite close and worked together great. Even when things were tense there were never any arguments, we worked through things together. I have heard stories that some other cohorts didn’t always have the same experience.

As I bid farewell to this immersive training program, I’m excited to channel my newfound skills into real-world projects. The world of data analytics is vast, and I’m prepared to embark on diverse paths—be it delving deeper into a specific tool, specializing in a niche domain, or contributing to innovative data-driven initiatives. Reflecting on these 16 weeks, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunities that the Data School Down Under has provided. This journey has not only armed me with technical expertise but has also cultivated my growth as an adaptable learner and a confident problem-solver. I’ve learnt so many skills including building dashboards in Tableau, cleaning data in Alteryx, telling stories with data along with countless other skills. With these skills, I’m ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead in my data analytics journey.