Welcome back to my blog, I know this is very late, but I am going to talk about my experience completing the final challenge at The Data School Down Under. The challenge was to create a fictional dataset, make a dashboard and then present it on the final day. We had to use Mockaroo to make the data and then Tableau to visualise it.

I approached this challenge by first finding a dataset that I liked then recreating it in Tableau. I headed over to Kaggle to find a dataset that I had an interest in. I decided to find a dataset about music, and I found a survey related to music and mental health. You can find the dataset here: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/catherinerasgaitis/mxmh-survey-results. I decided to recreate this in Mockaroo and then downloaded the data to use in Tableau.

Here is the description of the dataset from its creator.

Music therapy, or MT, is the use of music to improve an individual’s stress, mood, and overall mental health. MT is also recognized as an evidence-based practice, using music as a catalyst for “happy” hormones such as oxytocin.

However, MT employs a wide range of different genres, varying from one organization to the next.

The MxMH dataset aims to identify what, if any, correlations exist between an individual’s music taste and their self-reported mental health. Ideally, these findings could contribute to a more informed application of MT or simply provide interesting sights about the mind.

I will also link to the dashboard that I made based on this data. It is a very interesting dataset. I recommend you look at the data and maybe make a visualisation.