If I were to describe the data school in simple words I would say that it is an analytics river that trickles down knowledge to its participants, the industry, and the analytics community. This unique program bridges the skills gap in the market, nurtures the potential of its participants, and enables them for the enterprise world. In return, the participants share their knowledge with the community, and promote analytics best practices as they become data ambassadors and business translators.

Learning Summary

During the past few months, we have covered a wide array of topics in analytics. We dived deep in data preparation and data visualization, went through the conceptual and hands-on A-Z of working with clients, and scratched the surface of data warehousing and data science. Our client weeks were with companies from various sectors like construction, education, banking, and NGOs.

Mastering Tableau & Acing Alteryx

Employees are usually trained for a week or two on a tool before they start using it in their businesses. We spent more than 500 hours in the past 4 months, trained by the industry’s best consultants, solving complex data objectives and challenges. Only halfway through our training we were certified in both tools, which advice at least 6 months of experience before sitting the exam.


At the end of the 4 month training, we feel ready for our respective client placements. I think I would resonate everyone’s thoughts when I say that we are all more than confident that we can help solve our clients’ data dilemmas. Choosing to be part of this program is easily the best decision I’ve ever made. It developed my character on many levels, it built my professional persona, and has definitely set me on the right track for the rest of my career.