After spending 40 hours on Tableau’s best practices, we ended the week with a makeover Friday. The purpose of this exercise was to utilize our newly earned set of skills in Alteryx, and polished skills in tableau to recreate the initial visualization we applied through to the the Data School. In this blog, I demonstrate the improvements I made to my dashboard After the initial set of comments I received from Craig in Stage 1 of the recruitment process, and Beyond that with our new perspective on how a dashboard should look like.




Do’s and Dont’s

This Partition on the initial dashboard is enough to show many of the dont’s of Tableau.

  1. Excessive White Space
  2. Floating Objects instead of tiles
  3. So What Hashtag World Cloud
  4. Included all sheets as tabs on published dashboard

Craig’s feedback helped me assemble a much improved version of that dashboard, I worked out the white space, added sections to the very long dashboard I created, highlighted the important insights, etc…  To be fair I was very happy with my new result, I was even happy with my initial dashboard. One important takeaway of that was to develop a sense of self critique and discipline in assembling a story on tableau.




In my opinion, at a first glance this already looks better than the initial one. Fixing the white space issue was key, and the top 10 hashtags added viz summarizes what the cloud was all about. The title and sub section are nicely highlighted as well, but this time I knew that there was still a room for improvement.

In last week’s alteryx challenge I created a workflow in alteryx to fix the “so what ” issue of the world cloud. The workflow grabs the top 10 stories from bing about the top 10 hashtags above. I blended that in tableau which yields a fairly nice results.

Beyond : Part I



Disclaimer: I used an Andy Kriebel Design for my dashboard

My first improvement was to split up the dashboard into sections, and navigate these sections through the menu above.

Again, my aim in the hashtag newsletter section was to make sense of the initial word cloud, so I chose to drop it completely, and augment the data I collected in alteryx.

Hashtag Newsletter

The above was my new design choice which is supported by an action filter that yields the result below.


This transformed to a more Elegant, Accessible, and Impactful  Visualization. Then again, we established that there is always room for improvement. Maybe measuring the Sentiment of these stories, looking at the Price of Bitcoin 10 days after the story emerges, and adding a URL and Date columns for those..

Below are snips from the dashboard and the link to the full dashboard.!/vizhome/BitcoinTwitterSentimentAnalysis3/Intro