On Day 1 of the Dashboard week, the challenge was to parse three Melbourne Cup Data Sets and choose one or more to visualize in Tableau. This was an Alteryx intensive task and required mostly the regex tool.

Below is a summary of Regex Expressions I found Useful :

1. Match text between two characters : \((.*?)\) — here the parenthesis are the chosen characters and this tokenizes every word within parenthesis.

2. The First Two ( or more) words in a String from the beginning of the line: ([^\s]+\s+[^\s]+|[^\s]+)

3. The last word in a line : \s(\w+)$

After Cleaning the data, I could get a bit creative with this Tableau friendly data set.

I took this opportunity to revisit on three learning instances we had come about last week.

  1. Set Actions
  2. Rounded Bar Charts
  3. Tool tip Dashboards

I am still dumbfounded by how smooth Set Actions are and how much value they can add to a dashboard. Definitely the best feature in 2018.3.

To interact with the dashboard click here.