Day 2 of Dashboard Week was about using the Transport NSW API to scrape Sydney Trains related data. The API offers a wide variety of data, but I went for Opal Taps. The Data primarily consisted of taps by card type and route taken over the past 3 years. I thought small multiples was a nice approach to this visualization, and it is a chart type that I haven’t tried before, so I gave it a go.

Andy Kriebel has a very useful tutorial posted on vizwiz’s Tableau Tip Tuesday for creating Small Multiples.

Below are a  few challenges that I faced that are worth noting :

  1. Tableau Public does not remember custom label positions for more than one layout ( if the parameter is changed the custom positions of the labels change on Public)
  2. MY Date fields can’t be formatted in Tableau, so if you really want a truncated MY field (Feb-18 instead of February-2018) make your date dimension MONTH and then custom format that to mmm-yy

This is the link to the Dashboard for an interactive version of this.