Our last challenge of the week was visualizing the Australian public toilets data set. The challenge did not involve much preparation, but I thought that my alteryx skills need some sharpening so I created an Analytic App in Alteryx to customize the public toilet experience. The analytic app allows the user to pin point a location, and choose a toilet type, which will filter the data set to only toilets within 2 km of the chosen location. The output is the set of near by toilets and their corresponding spatial objects.

Analytic App


The important thing to note in the workflow is creating a dummy column to update for the List interface tool, and creating connect the Map interface tool to a Map Input tool to create a dummy special object.  A good way to test why your analytic app might not be working is to choose the debug option in the interface designer. That will create a workflow that simulates the result of the analytic app. I also use a reverse geocoder macro to retrieve the street name and postcode of the selected point. Finally, I wrap the output of the analytic app in a shape file, and the unmatched output in another file in case I am interested in the rest of the data.


I went for a simple dashboard that allows the user to identify the toilets in the location on a map, check the distance from their pin point, and whether or not the toilet is accessible.

Use this Link to check the dashboard out on Tableau Public.