” Education, Financial Wellness, and Safety are all measures that contribute to the development of the community. The graph behind me shows a correlation between low income level and crime incidents. It might be that people with lower incomes are coerced by their financial hardship to resort to crime in order to sort out their situation. Our client’s social responsibility program provides financial management education workshops in schools and institutions. If their resources are directed towards areas with lower average incomes, they could be helping those people better manage their finances which could in turn yield lower crime rates and a more safe environment.” 

IS NOT what I said last Friday in the client presentation. Instead I started mumbling about the parameters I created in tableau and how my dashboard actions work. I had intended to present the story above, but I didn’t prepare that well.

The thing about not being prepared is that you start interpreting your audience disinterested faces, which in turn creates an even worse form of mumble. After that I decided to start working on my presentation skills by watching myself present _ Thanks to Craig who records our presentations. I discovered that I should work on my posture, the modulation of my voice, and preparation of the presentation beforehand.

I also researched the elements of good story telling a bit more, and I came across the Who, What, How technique in story telling; If the story answers those three questions then it is a good story.


Q: Who is interested in renting our studio apartments ?

A: 18-25 year old professional workers

Q: What Products do they want?

A: Price, size, features, … etc

Q: How to attract them?

A: Positioning, Communication, … etc

Looking forward to try this technique next week !