For this dashboard week challenge, we had to use data from to create a dashboard. The data consisted of one column of data and so we had to supplement the data to create a compelling story.

Data/Story Preparation

From this website, I decided to use mobile phone market share data as my focus and went through different datasets to find a suitable complementary dataset. I landed upon one that looked at phone specs and decided to look at how the major phone brands set the standards for the market.

For data preparation, I utilized a batch macro to generate data from different countries and different periods. The inputs look as such:

The supplementary data had to be cleaned extensively due to the inputs being consistent. It really helped me with my Regex skills and my workflow is shown below:

Tableau Dashboard

The dashboard consists of 2 parts. The top part consists of a time graph and a bar chart which compares their market share and prices.

The 2nd part consists of a tool that compares different specifications and how far ahead Apple or Samsung was compared to other brands. There were two methods of comparison. I could either:

  1. Calculate the difference from in the vertical direction (Calculating how much more battery or less thickness)
  2. Calculate the difference in the horizontal direction (How much time before the other brands caught up)

I decided to do 2. as it was slightly more difficult and I used the following equation

This calculation takes the minimum for all apples and finds the first date when the target value has been reached. A similar calculation was applied to the other brands and the difference.

The 2nd part of the dashboard is shown below:

Thank you for your time 🙂

Nam Nguyen
Author: Nam Nguyen