For today’s dashboard challenge, we were tasked with creating a dashboard from powerplants data. The data described powerplant locations, power generated per year and it’s capacity mainly.

Data/Story Preparation

The data was relatively clean and all I needed to do was use Alteryx to pivot the data to make the granularity as per powerplant and per year. I also created a separate table for fuel sources as there is a field called “primary source” and 3 more called “other sources”. These are the same category but it didn’t make sense to pivot them. A relationship in tableau was used to link the data after. The workflow is shown below:

My story was to give an overview of the carbon emissions created by powerplants and to see what the future of renewable energy is. I supplemented the data with greenhouse gas data to analyse trends between powerplants and emissions.

Tableau Process

I used a wordier and longer dashboard template as it was an overview. We have been instructed to create this dashboard as it would appear on tableau public and thus I paid more attention to guiding my audience. I learnt how to utilise drilldown set actions and if I had more time, was wondering if I could of applied the same drilldown but for the layers in the maps.

The final dashboard is shown below:



Nam Nguyen
Author: Nam Nguyen