During our data school projects, one of the common problems with transferring our Alteryx workflows into a project folder for our clients to download was that all the inputs and outputs would break. This is because, by default, inputs and outputs are set to a direct path such as:

C:\Users\Nam Nguyen\Desktop\Project\Output.csv

When transferred to another computer, it won’t know who Nam Nguyen is and thus, will fail. To overcome this, we need to first start with a consistent folder format. I have chosen the following folder format:


Note: It is important that your inputs, outputs, and macros are at a lower level than your workflow.

This is the structure in which we will deposit all our inputs, macros, and output and it is recommended before you start any project, you follow this format. We then go to workflow dependencies and click “All relative” as such:

Here we can see that by having our inputs and outputs folder structure lower in the hierarchy, they can be referenced relatively after the “.”. If it were to have our inputs in the downloads folder, Alteryx will have to discover a difficult path to reach it and it won’t be guaranteed to work when transferred to another user.

Now, when transferring to other users, you just send the whole project folder and the workflow will be functioning.😊

Nam Nguyen
Author: Nam Nguyen