Scheduling workflows and email alerts in Tableau and Alteryx are crucial for automation and efficiency in data analytics. They allow regular updates and timely insights, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. With email alerts, users can proactively monitor conditions and events in the data, fostering collaboration and risk management. These features facilitate scalability and adaptability for organizations operating in different time zones.

Alteryx Example

For this example, I will create a workflow that runs daily and extracts movies that were released in the last week to be sent via email in a table format.

The workflow looks as such:

I will explain the configuration of the email tool used here:

  1. Is email servers you can connect to. Example servers include:

    For the port, the most common ones you can use are 25,587,465,2525. For more information, please read
  2. By ticking SMTP authentication, you are able to login your credentials
  3. Standard email parameters. If the data supports it, you can choose text fields from the data as your body, subject etc.

We now just need to schedule the workflow and we can do that by connecting to an Alteryx Server.

We then save the workflow to the server and then need to create a schedule

The final email I received is


For Tableau, we can use the Tableau server to generate automated emails when your data reaches a threshold. You can follow these steps:

  1. Click alerts after opening your dashboard on tableau server
  2. Click a continuous numeric axis of any chart but a Gaant chart/map.
  3. Configure the alert

Overall, scheduling workflows and email alerts enhance decision-making by providing real-time data insights and automating repetitive tasks, saving time and effort.

Thank you 😊

Nam Nguyen
Author: Nam Nguyen