Welcome to Dashboard Week Day 2. Today our challenge is sports data, an American Baseball DataSet. Sean Lahman has been contributing to building a comprehensive database for Baseball and nowadays, cutting edge technology was also introduced to baseball to collect more detailed data such as the position, speed, and acceleration of every pitch.

In the data, there are several tables related to the colleges of players and a list of all colleges in U.S.  College students are one of the most important sources of MLB players and I decided to make a dashboard showing which college has the most number of players regarding a specific position.

After preparing the data, I used a background image and different icons to distinguish positions and users of the dashboard can find

The top 5 colleges with most all-star, top 5 colleges with most awarded and top 10 colleges with most players in a specific position.

When creating the first dashboard, the challenge was to position all the custom shapes with coordinates and these coordinates are determined by the pixels of the background picture.

  1. Resize your background Picture
    The Background Picture downloaded from the Internet is usually different from your container in size. To fit the background perfectly, you have to resize the background picture in windows drawing tool or other picture editing tools.
  2. Get coordinates of your custom shape.
    When you plan to overlay custom shapes on top of the background, you must have 2D coordinates (x,y) of each custom shape and Interworks provided a perfect tool for this task.
    This webpage allows users to upload their background image and record coordinates of each user click. The interface of this webpage is as follows:

This website has two important functions:

Extracting coordinates of any point on the background image in order and save them in a CSV file

Drawing Polygon on google maps and save each vertex of the polygon in a CSV file.



Data Source: http://www.seanlahman.com/baseball-archive/statistics/

Tableau Public Link to Visualisation: https://public.tableau.com/profile/neal.wang1028#!/vizhome/DashboardWeekDay2_15523890609970/ChoosePosition