The Challenge

Day 1’s challenge is to download data using NSW Transport Open Data API and build a dashboard.


The Data

I decided to use the NSW Boating Ramps API. Due to my network issue, my Alteryx didn’t work well with the API. Fortunately, I can run the query online and then download the result dataset directly.

After that, I used Alteryx to parse the data and then clean and transform the data as I needed for my Tableau viz.

The Story

Since I wasted a lot of time troubleshooting my network, I didn’t have much time left for my viz. So I decided to keep my story and viz simple. I started by asking myself, what could I leverage this data to do? The first thought that comes to my mind is: If I want to go boating, can I use this data set to help me choose a proper destination? So I went on with that idea and built the dashboard.

The dashboard is simple, with only one map with several filters. However, it gives me all the information I need. Firstly, I can adjust the map and click filters to narrow down the candidate boat ramps, then I can hover over to see more details, which includes addresses and contact numbers. And then I can either call the place first or drive there directly.

The final viz can be found here.


What went well

  • Although I encountered some problems several times, I managed to conquer or bypass them
  • Clean and simple design


What could be better

  • Timeboxing
Neil Li
Author: Neil Li

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