The Challenge

The challenge of today is quite different from the previous ones. Today is the design challenge. Design is never my strength, but I have to admit that it is necessary for a good visualisation. Anyway, we need to choose a company logo and use it as the basis from which we design the dashboard.

The Design

I choose the Red Bull logo because its colour scheme has strong contrast colours, red and yellow. And I did some searching on google to find the exact or similar fonts used in the logo, but I only managed to find some fonts that are not free. So I decided to use the most commonly used free fonts instead. That’s why I choose Calibri.

Then I started to build the viz. We have four KPIs as a must in the viz. They are Sales, Profit, Profit Ratio, and Number of orders. I wanted the viz to be simple, so I didn’t add much other information to the viz except States. The final viz only contains a map of states coloured by Profit Ratio, three bar charts show monthly sales, profit, and orders. The map is set to be a filter to increase interactivity and a different granularity.

The final step is to add some design to the viz. I changed the map into a hex map and coloured the whole dashboard using Red Bull’s colour scheme.

The final viz can be found here.


What went well

  • Data is ready to go, so timeboxing was no longer an issue
  • Tried and learnt a new trick: hex map


What could be better

  • Really tried on the design part, but the final viz was far from satisfactory
  • Understand the story and meaning behind the logo, and try to match the style of the viz with the logo
Neil Li
Author: Neil Li

Neil graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master's degree in Information Technology. He started his career as Data Analyst in a Tech Company in China. Recently, Neil moved back to Australia and decided to join The Data School, kick-starting his career with Data Analytics in Down Under. He looks forward to learning cutting-edge skills and meeting fellow data enthusiasts who share a similar passion for data. In his man cave, you will spot Neil enjoying his video games and reading. He steps out with his racquets to swing it for Tennis and Badminton. Want to put a smile on his face? Ask him about the Chinese Hot Pot!