The Challenge

Finally, the last day! Today’s challenge is simple. We got one Iowa liquor sales dataset and another Iowa population dataset. And there was no limit except time. We’ve got only 5 hours before the presentation, and I also got some other errands to run, so I had to focus and create a simple viz and story.


The Data

There was not much need to be done in Alteryx. I only use it to blend two datasets together and create spatial points for each liquor stores.

The work in Tableau is relatively heavier than in Alteryx. A lot of LOD and table calculations needed to present data in different granularities. Luckily, when I was writing the Understanding Tableau’s Order of Operations blog a few days ago, I looked at a video presentation based on a similar Iowa liquor dataset. It really helps me clear my head.


The Viz

The viz is simple, it shows state and county level bottles/bottles pp (per person), volume/volume pp, sale/sale pp and profit/profit pp. Then the popular items at the state and county level. Last is a summary of top vendors. Anyway, it is more of a prescriptive report, not a story.

The final viz can be found here.


What went well

  • Managed to finish the viz within two hours
  • Got a chance to practice on LOD and Table Calcs


What could be better

  • Due to the time limitation, I only managed to add interactivity between the map and bar chart. It would be better if the Pareto chart can also be filtered to a county level.
Neil Li
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