Hump day! Time to start a Kaggle Challenge with KickStarter data!

Mid-way through dashboard week and we had an easier task today. I utilised Tableau exclusively for my final dashboard. Tableau is a great tool to let you start dragging and dropping measures and dimensions to get to know your data on the fly! Visually, we can start to rapidly interrogate our data and derive insights.


The Brief: Download the Kaggle data set for Kickstarter Projects from inception till 2018.

Restrictions: Any data preparation can only be done in Tableau Prep, and not Alteryx.


This dataset provided was relatively clean and didn’t require any cleaning or transformation. I decided not to consider bringing in any external data after yesterday’s efforts. For today’s project, I wanted to keep things relatively simple as I push for the end of the week on Friday.

The dataset contains a lot of fields to slice and dice the analysis. I started my exploration in Tableau by creating a few simple charts to get an idea of the data I was working with.

Scatter Plot Analysis  Pie StatusAvg Days



I decided to conduct an exploratory analysis of the trends. This included looking at regions and countries based on their success rate and failure rate. I also asked questions about where the funding is going? As in, which category is receiving the most funding. I was able to establish what trends occurred throughout 2009 to 2017 period

Visualising the Campaigns and Recapping


Instantly I could see that film and video had the highest number of campaigns over time. The technology category had the highest average of backers per campaign and highest average pledged per backer. Close to one-third of campaigns were successful and the average days of per successful campaign came out at 33 days.

My final dashboard is now on my Tableau Public Gallery.

Nicholas Hills
Author: Nicholas Hills