The final day of dashboard week is here, and we have a very fun topic to do today. Harry Potter is a beloved book/film series that was, and still is, a cultural phenomenon, and while the dataset itself wasn’t very extensive (I brought in a couple additional bits of data), the creation of my final dashboard was a lot of fun.

Alongside the data provided, I also brought through a larger character table that included each character’s blood type, as well as using Alteryx on one of the tables to find the number of times each word was used by a character, as shown below.

Overall, I used three different data sources due to the fact that there were a few different things I wanted to look at that not all the tables had, and these aspects didn’t need to filter or interact together. Below is what my finished dashboard looked like.

Nothing better than a breakdown of everyone’s favourite villain. The dashboard shows how many lines Voldemort spoke, where he spoke them, what his favourite words to use were, and then finally a little look at who the characters in the wizarding universe he would most likely invite to a dinner party (spoilers, they’re all Pure-blood Slytherins).

That’s it for dashboard week. What a ride.


Nicholas Seah
Author: Nicholas Seah