Time to giddy up because DSAU16 dashboard week is upon us and we have started off with an absolute flyer! For day 1, we were provided the tasks to web scrap from Melbourne Cup data using Alteryx and produce a Tableau visualisation to present for the next morning. In this blog, and for the other blogs that follow this week, I will be sharing my journey throughout the day.


Alteryx Workflow

Long story short, I spent 90% of my time extracting and cleaning the data. While this has been the norm in our client project experience, most of my time was essentially spent revising RegEx and macros to complete this data preparation. One could say I wasted a few hours looking back at past exercises but it was time spent well reviewing the content which was applied to this dataset. The following figure illustrates a standard macro I built, representing one of the workflows to web scrap the data for both 2020 and 2021.

Figure 1: Web scraping in Alteryx

To be critical, it is not my finest work but at times there are compromises to be made – especially when you are juggling to create a blog, cleaning data in Alteryx, and producing a Tableau dashboard all in the one day. As a reflection, if more time existed in a day then I definitely would have used a batch macro rather than a standard macro for various. Organised documentation would not hurt as well.


Tableau Dashboard

Once the data was prepared, I connected it to Tableau where the true fun began. Before the Alteryx workflow, I already had an idea what I wanted to analyse and investigate which helped speed up the process of building my charts and visualisations. The following is a snapshot of my dashboard which presents a history of jockeys and trainers, as well as identifying if there is correlation between the jockey and finishing a winner or a place.

Figure 2: Melbourne Cup Dashboard

If you are curious for further exploration, you can view my dashboard here.

That wraps day 1 of dashboard week. If you have made it this far, then I will share my best bets/tips for this year:

  • #14 Daqiansweet Junior (Each Way)
  • #14 Daqiansweet Junior / #12 Hoo Ya Mal (Boxed Exacta)
  • #14 Daqiansweet Junior / #12 Hoo Ya Mal / #8 Deauville Legend (Boxed Trifecta)

Thank you for reading!