For day 2, Bethany provided us the London Fire Brigade (LFB) dataset and encouraged us to supplement the data with a source from the London Datastore. I selected the animal rescue incidents attended by LFB as my supplementary data. Since Bethany is so wonderful, she cleaned and prepped our primary data source which meant we only needed to worry about Tableau.

For this task, I allocated myself less time to produce a dashboard that was up to DS standards. This was due to the fact that our workplace turned into a social event early on in the day leading up to the Melbourne Cup race (one too many drinks I must admit). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the good company!

As a dog lover, I focused on creating a dashboard to explore where and when dog rescue incidents by LFB occurred. The following illustrates the dashboard I pieced together.

Figure 1: Dog Rescues by LFB


That wraps up day 2 of our dashboard week. Thank you for reading!