For day 3 of dashboard week, the requirement was to retrieve the data source from the Punk API and create a Tableau dashboard based on beers (which I will be staying away from for a long time because of Melbourne Cup day). In this blog, I will provide a high level overview of my workflow and dashboard.


Alteryx Workflow

The challenge was to create an iterative macro to extract the data from multiple pages, then using this macro in another workflow to extract multiple tables to build the ideal data model.

Figure 1: Data Extraction and Wrangling from Punk API in Alteryx

The macro (the yellow tool) implemented is shown in the cached section, and the tables I extracted as outputs were:

  • Beers
  • Food
  • Ingredients


Tableau Dashboard

Once I connected the 3 tables into Tableau and created the data model, I produced the following dashboards:

Figure 2: BrewDog Dashboard

Figure 3: Basic Interactive Restaurant Menu

I received valuable feedback which I will be taking onboard to improve, so you can expect edits to be done in the future. If you are curious for further exploration, you can view my dashboard here.

That wraps up day 3 of our dashboard week. Thank you for reading!