The intensity truly picked up during dashboard week day 4. For this task, we were required to create a dashboard based on an extinct and endangered species dataset which Bethany kindly web scraped for us. In this blog, I will be covering the challenges I experienced and how I overcame them.



No matter how I angled this, I found it difficult to picture a dashboard solely using this dataset. So in order for me piece a dashboard together, I needed to enrich it by finding a supplementary dataset, and after a few clicks on Kaggle I found one about the species of sloths.

This sheet contains 5000 records (observations), each describing a sloth’s characteristic and their Red List Status. I was not expecting the topic of my dashboard to be this but seeing how difficult it was for my cohort to find additional sources, I thought I would challenge myself to find any narratives and insights with this.


Tableau Dashboard

The structure of dashboard follows a drill down technique. I provide a high level overview of a particular class, in this case: Mammalia, followed by drill down which focuses on the species of sloths.


Figure 1: Dashboard on the species of sloths

If you are curious for further exploration, you can view my dashboard here. That wraps up day 4 of dashboard week. Thank you for reading!