This week is dashboard week at the Data School, which means a new dashboard every day with a different challenge every time.

Our first task was to use Food Standard Australia and New Zealand data. to get data for our visualization. We were required to explore documentation on the Australian Food Composition Database and were given 4 data sets

It took me some time to go through the data and find what I wanted to visualize especially around multiple information about ingredients, calories, fat etc….  After trying different approaches my first idea was not turning to my advantage due to the limitation of time left so I decided to go with a low-added sugar food intake guide that provides an overview of ingredients with low-added sugar. As you might know, eating an excessive amount of added sugar can increase triglyceride levels, which may increase your risk of heart disease.

1 / Workflow alteryx

While the data was clean, I was able to supplement the data to get the Category and integrated ingredients information that contained the sugar

2/ Tableau

I wanted to play around with set action so user can select the category to popup the subcategory and then ingredient information.

It was a good learning day and only day 1 !

Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet