The challenge for Day 2 of dashboard week was to use data The NATIONAL UFO Reporting Center Online Database (

As part of Today’s challenge, we had to use the API to download the data and transform it to do the viz on tableau. The API has data on the date, state, shapes of UFO sightings etc… One of the main complications was to figure out how to extract the 2 API within the same source and use a few tools in Alteryx to scrap the data such as Regex.

Solution of my Alteryx workflow

After a few hours on it due to technical issues with the download tool I was finally able to get the data ready in Tableau to analyze the data and build a story

I came up with a dashboard that shows UFO sightings across the past 40 years and with a focus on the USA since most of it was recorded in the USA with 89%.

Through this exercise, I have been able to develop my skills and apply the Hex tile map graph to represent the state in the USA.

Overall, we see a slight decline in the UFO sightings, and this might be due to less interest within the population. If anyone is keen to spot UFO the dashboard indicates that California is the best state and when it comes to the period Saturday Night in July seems to be the best time 😊

Final Dashboard

Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet