Almost the end of Challenge Week! Day 4 today and the challenge was to use an API from the and use it to build a Tableau dashboard. After browsing the list of APIs, I decided to go with the top 250 movies rated by IMBD.

Since we had to extract the data from the API, I had to use Alteryx Alteryx to download the information from the API. The data didn’t have too much information and was well structured, so it was not too complex to transform the data. Information that was available was a movie created date, title, director name, main and second characters, rating, number of reviews and link of the movie’s image.

During the transformation of the data, I decided to extract 2 files the main file will contain all the API information and the second actors that either play as a primary or second character so I could link both files using the relationship in the tableau to see whereas there would be 1 specific actor that would appear more than once in the top 250 movies

Alteryx workflow that I used to extract the data

I have now the data available for the tableau and since the first 3 weeks were very intense, I decided to go with something fun and develop some skills such as learning a new Graph, spending some time on the design, and playing with the hide button and using URL action in the dashboard to display the image of the movie selected.

For this dashboard, I learned and created a radial bar chart to display the number of movies by created date. It was interesting to see that there were few movies created between 1924 and 1930 that were still showing in the top 250. Users can select the bar to show more information on the movie with the movie name and select it to display the image. It was fun to create this graph as always wanted to learn how to do it.

For the next section of the dashboard, I focused on some questions to display the top 3 Actors, and directors and display the name of the movie and movie date in the graph as well as an image of the movie. The timeline provides good insight into either if their films were old or new.



Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet