The final day of the dashboard week. While I enjoyed this week it was a long week for me and arrived on Friday exhausted. We received the instruction at 9 am for a presentation at 3 pm.

Data for today was The US Census Bureau collects data on business patterns including the number of establishments, employment, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll. Date Range 2017-2020.

I was trying to find some additional data set such as population to work out the % of unemployment but with no success as the information was not either split by age group etc.. After looking at the time I realized that I had to start working on the original data set and come up with something to present. As usual, I used Alteryx to look at the data and transform it into a tableau.

Alteryx workflow

I started working on the data in tableau just a few hours before 3 pm and after investigating the data I decided to build a dashboard that provides information on the USA state (employment / Salary) as well as sectors. I thought this could provide good information for someone that moves to New York. As an example, with the interactivity of the dashboard and if I am in Finance, I understand the salary benchmark which is the highest across all sectors with around $215K. Users can even go further and look at the district scatterplot graph for more comparison benchmarks and employment.


My tips for Dashboard challenge week

  • Make sure you had a lot of sleep
  • Time Box your day so you know how much time you want to send on data investigation, research to supplement it, Alteryx, tableau, formatting, and Blog
  • If you are not 100 % confident with some of the functions like Set, Date functions, parameters etc…
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF (but not too much)
  • While it can sometimes be challenging enjoy
Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet