I learned a few tips on how to create your colour palette. This is essential to know how to do it as this will help personalise your viz or use company colour to create the same schema.  In this blog, I will talk about how to create a colour palette quickly by using various websites.

1 Step: Open the preferences in my Tableau Repository

Go to document > My Tableau Repository and right-click on preference then open with and select Notepad.

You will need to add your colour palette in notepad and below is a further step to follow

2 Step: Personalise the preferences in using various websites or pictures

You can either find an image which has the colour that you are looking for or use various websites to copy the colour palette. The one I used for this blog to choose the colour palette is https://coolors.co/palettes/popular/grey and I used https://gentlygently.github.io/ to past the colour palette and create my own using XML.

Once you found the colour that interests you and pasted it into the website provided you will just need to select the colour and use the + bottom Icon to add colours.







The last step before updating Notepad is to get the XML code and copy them (Below example)



3 Step: Replace the XML code in Notepad

Type or Copy colour palette in and between the and . If you don’t fully understand what XML tags are, then think of these tags as opening and closing brackets. is the opening bracket and is the closing bracket (as shown in the yellow highlighted text). The custom colour palettes go inside here (as shown in the green highlighted text). You can also name the colour palette within the “ “ as per the right example (used my name for reference)

Close Notepad using the red cross at the top right and click save.

4 Step: Open Tableau or save and restart

You can now find your palette by editing the colour as per the below steps.

a/ Find your palette

b/ Assign Palette


Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet