One of my challenges during my previous dashboard was to get the right format numbers  between currency and quantity in using a parameter in tableau. I played with the format and changed to currency, but then a dollar sign would still show for the Quantity measure.

Below are some quick steps on the solution I found which allow you to customize both.

To begin, set up a parameter with string data type and then list the two measures options

Next, you need to create a calculated field that will tell tableau how to handle the parameter

The solution is to setup  two additional calculated fields that are based on the parameter; one for the measure selected prefix, and one for the measure selected suffix. The prefix calculated field would look like this:

The formula is telling tableau that when amount is selected to display $ sign. Since quantity doesn’t need a $ sign, we would need to setup a Suffix calculated field which would look like this:

You will then need to add the Prefix and Suffix calculated field in the Mask card.

To get the measure to display correctly you need to select label and edit text to show the below format.

When amount measure is selected, a dollar sign is shown as the prefix:


When the Quantity measure is selected, the dollar sign is not longer showing

This example  was used in using a donut chart as a reference but could be applied for different graphs.


Olivier Gouet
Author: Olivier Gouet