Dashboard week started this week, known for being the most intense of all training weeks. Being sick didn’t help my situation. I began by diving deep into Alteryx, which took up a lot more time than I anticipated. The dataset was to be downloaded by an API call which is for Australian Hospitals.
The API call for the general dataset was simple, but getting sub-datasets required a batch macro, and getting supplementary datasets and measures, trying to understand it all in one day which consumed a significant amount of my morning. By midday, I still didn’t have a dataset to work with.

There was a section in the API documentation called measure downloads, which I considered my last resort if the Alteryx dataset didn’t pan out. Initially, I planned to focus on admissions, which I should have stuck with. However, in the rush, I decided to bring in more measures rather than diving deeper into specific ones. This decision cost me valuable time. I should have just focused on one measure but at that time, I didn’t find additional fields to support it which I found much later.

So, to speed things up to move into the visualization phase, I added more measures to be downloaded in Alteryx. I also managed to pull in population data from ABS, organized by states and year. I then transposed the dataset to a narrower format suitable for Tableau and finally moved on to Tableau.

With just a few hours left, I quickly created key metric values such as the number of patients, number of admissions, average median time for patient departure, average length of stay, and the percentage of patients departing the emergency department (ED) within four hours. I also included a map view and a bar chart to highlight top hospitals struggling with these metrics. Additionally, I added a line chart and integrated the population data.

I made the dashboard interactive: clicking on any KPI card filters the entire dashboard for that measure. Users can also click on any point in the line chart or on the map to filter the view.

Despite the challenges and the rush, I managed to pull it all together. Now, onto the next day of Dashboard Week!

Link: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/prerana.amatya/viz/Hospital_17198815251260/Dashboard1

Prerana Amatya
Author: Prerana Amatya