After overcoming the challenges of the first day, I tackled a gambling dataset that provided insights into different gambling forms and their measures such as turnover, real expenditure, government revenue, and other key metrics related to gambling activities across Australia.

As always, with a vast dataset, you need to decide quickly what to focus on. I looked into casinos and gaming machines. Casinos have always been there, but they are not accessible to all economic classes, whereas gaming machines are available in pubs and clubs.

Data Preparation in Alteryx

The Excel file contained different sheets, each representing a different measure. Here’s how I prepared the data:

  1. Transforming the Year Column: Extracted the latter year from the range format (e.g., 1995-96) to create a consistent year column.
  2. Handling Null Values: While importing into Alteryx, null values were converted to zeros. I reverted them to nulls because averages were skewed otherwise.
  3. Joining and Unioning: Performed multiple joins for all measures related to gaming machines and casinos separately, and then unified them.

Insights and Visualizations

This time, based on feedback, I focused on creating an explanatory dashboard, more like data journaling, rather than a typical business dashboard. So, I spent time on design aspects too and tackled Power BI limitations while designing an intuitive and informative dashboard. What I found out was that following the legalization and introduction of gaming machines in NSW, there has been a noticeable shift in gambling preferences. Gaming machine expenditure has shown a significant increase, while expenditure in casinos appears to be declining.Gaming machines contribute a substantial percentage of total gambling expenditure compared to other forms of gambling. This highlights their significant impact on the gambling economy, especially in accessible venues like pubs and clubs.


I enjoyed today’s challenge and for me it was balanced about the technical hurdles and more about managing time and focusing on extracting valuable insights. Looking forward to diving even deeper in the coming days!

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Prerana Amatya
Author: Prerana Amatya