Dashboard Day 5 and we had only 5 hours to complete the dashboard for this week. But the good thing is that it’s HARRY POTTER, which is both fun and a favorite for me. This made it a bit easier to do the analysis. The dataset given to us included characters, movies, dialogues, spells, etc. I chose spells because I’ve always wanted to be a wizard or a magical creature growing up, and being a nerd who loves to know everything, it caught my attention right away.

I moved to Alteryx and used the Text to Columns tool to segregate the dialogues and match the words with the spell names. I also brought in other datasets, including characters, movies, and places. One thing I wanted to analyze was what spells were used on living beings (any magical being, human, or animal), what spells were used on objects, and for the spells I was unsure of, I categorized them as object/living being. Other categories included natural sources like fire, water, passages, and spirits. The only spell for spirits is Expecto Patronum, and interestingly, it’s the highest used spell.

Following Expecto Patronum, illuminating spells were frequently used, especially in the Deathly Hallows. When watching the movie, even I wished I could use this spell because, even with my laptop’s full brightness, I had to squint my eyes to see clearly in those dark scenes.

I tried some fun visualizations like word clouds and plotting main characters’ heads in the movies versus the top spell table. Despite being worn out, this was the most fun analysis for me.

Here are some interesting findings:

  • Harry Potter is the top spell caster, as expected, being the main character. His most frequent spell targets are objects, followed by living beings (which could be any magical being, animal, or human). He has cast 11 unique spells on objects and 9 unique spells on beings. He has cast Expecto Patronum—the only unique spell for spirits—10 times, making it the top spell used.
  • Hermione Granger‘s top spell targets are objects, followed by both objects/living beings or just living beings. She is the only person to have used a fire spell.
  • Professor Snape has used his spells on living beings and a spirit, with one instance of the spell Avada Kedavra.
  • Voldemort has exclusively used the most dreadful spell, Avada Kedavra, four times on a being.

The most spells were cast in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,’ with 32 spells, followed by ‘Order of the Phoenix’ and ‘Prisoner of Azkaban.’ In all other movies, the number of spells per character is quite low, around 1 to 2 spells per character. ‘Deathly Hallows’ had 8 spells per character, and mostly Lumos spells were cast because the movie was quite dark.

Additionally, most spells are used in the Ministry of Magic, followed by Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Despite the time constraints, this was an engaging and magical experience.

Prerana Amatya
Author: Prerana Amatya