Staring straight back at me. Jokes, I can’t use a Disney reference/pic here.

4 months of training for DSAU2 comes to an end. It’s crazy to think that not too long ago, we were all scrambling to sit at the front of the room to follow Pete’s Tableau and Alteryx tutorials and thinking “How are we going to master all of this”. Now not only are we certified, but after all the learnings from client projects, weekly presentations, comprehensive feedback, I’m feeling confident in my skills and experience to take the next step into placements.

The last few weeks of The Data School Down Under was a rush with 2 client projects, Alteryx APAC Inspire Conference and Dashboard week. I was able to meet and reach out to many in the Tableau and Alteryx community to draw inspiration and learn from. I look forward to keeping this up in the future too. It was a highlight for me to finish my training at The Data School Down Under with a featured Viz Of The Day, an Alteryx Advance and Alteryx Designer Core Certification, and Tableau Qualified Associate Certification. I’m keen to add some more to this list soon.

I’ll definitely miss seeing the rest of the cohort every day and learning/bantering with them too but it’ll be alright since there’s such a tight support network amongst The Data School here and I’ll be catching up with them often.

Next week I’ll be starting my first round of placements and I’m pretty excited for it. My first placement, at Lendlease, will allow me to gain further exposure and experience in a global organisation with critical operations.

Looking forward to the next step ahead and onwards I go.

Pris Lam
Author: Pris Lam