Day 1 topic, ‘Melbourne City Dataset‘:

I have again picked the topic of Docklands. But, in this viz I mainly focus on using parameters and actions to select the area. Below is a short overview for this viz:

Data wrangling

Nothing special about this dataset. I think the data is very clean. Not much data cleaning needed to be done here. The only major data transformation is Transposing the data because I don’t like to deal with a ‘wide’ dataset in Tableau. I have also added a few more datasets in Tableau, which didn’t appear in my Alteryx workflow. Please check out my Alteryx workflow below:

The Viz

The Good:

  1. It has 4 BANs on the very top for a quick glance of important measure
  2. In every BAN, there is a percentage difference calculation that compares to the previous year. They all using FIXED LODs
  3. A clean nice look, with a uniform colour palette.
  4. The bar chart provides drill-down action into categories

The Best:

  1. Every measure, even the title will change accordingly when you select an area.
  2. Even the comparison between a ‘selected area’, which will be included/excluded from the others, and ‘the rest of Melbourne’ will be executed flawlessly.

Time finished: 9 PM

Please take a look at a brief demo below, or you can check this viz out at this link: