Day 3 topic, ‘CoinPaprika API‘:

So today challenge is quite different from others. It is mainly because we have to retrieve all the data from a public API. Alteryx makes it a breeze to download parse in JSON format. So the challenging part is how to get the URL right, which is very straightforward given the website has shown us the URL and it has also given a sample output using the ‘Test Endpoint’ function.

Data wrangling

As I mentioned above, Alteryx makes it a breeze to read in any API and parse them into a more readable format. Please check my Alteryx workflow below:

The Viz

This is the best viz I have created so far, in my opinion. It is very hard to explain why it is so good. But let me summarise, this dashboard is designed to simulate how people normally buy and sell Crypto. It will show the amount you will earn if you invested X amount of money in that given timeframe.

The Good:

  1. A clean nice look, with a uniform colour palette.
  2. The crypto icon provide filter or you can select them as the Crypto you want to invest in

The Best:

  1. The nicest and cleanest dashboards I have built so far, in my opinion.
  2. Huge customisation capability.

Time finished: 10:30 PM

Please take a look at a brief demo below, or you can check this viz out at this link: