Day 4 topic, ‘University Ranking – Web Scrapping‘:

This challenge is very, well, challenging. Because it has involved using web-scrapping and using regex to parse the context into readable format. One of the hard parts is to isolate the context from the downloaded HTML. The other difficult part is getting the regex part correctly. Then we have to create the viz entirely on Tableau Server. You can imagine using a toned-down version of the Tableau desktop isn’t easy.

Data wrangling

As I mentioned above, the hard part is to get the regex part correctly. Below is my Alteryx workflow:

The Viz

I have said above that the whole viz has to be created using Tableau Server. It has very limited functionality. So my purpose is to test how extensive Tableau Server is. So I come to build a very flashy dashboard, which doesn’t help much to visualise things in the business world. So the purpose of my dashboard is to help parents around the globe to pick a good university for their children but mostly focus on parents who want to send their kids overseas.

The Good:

  1. Very flashy dashboard
  2. Easy to use and understand

The Best:

  1. I can build this with the limitation from Tableau Server, I am sure you can build a business-focused dashboard using Tableau Server if you had to.

Time finished: 9:30 PM

Please take a look at a brief demo below. This is the link from my Tableau Public.