Day 5 topic, ‘Basix Certificate in NSW‘:

This challenge is very hard, not because the data need a lot of wrangling, but because we only have a limited time to build this, unlike other challenges we have a whole day to work on.

Data wrangling

The data is very clean to my surprise. I don’t have to pass it through Alteryx, I only have to change the type of a few columns right in Tableau.

The Viz

My strategy for this Viz is the ‘Short and Sharp’ approach. Because of time constrain, there is not much in-depth analysis for my dashboard. So the purpose is to demonstrate the progress of the number of applications over the years, to which I have added a few parameters for more customization.

The Good:

  1. Very clean Dashboard, with an easy-on-the-eyes colour palette.
  2. A new approach to the BANs which I got the ideas from this link. This is a very good source for you to enrich your Tableau skill, I highly recommend you check that website out.

Time finished: 1:30 PM

Please take a look at a brief demo below and check out this Viz from my Tableau Public link.