I have used Tableau way before joining the Data School Down Under. Since 2018, I have taken interest in creating visually appealing charts. I can go through the r/dataisbeautiful subreddit for hours and hours. I always had a question pop-up in my mind that, ‘How on earth those guys can use Excel to create those charts‘. Because back then the only program I knew that can generate charts was Excel.

And then I found out about Tableau. I remembered that I scrolled through the Tableau Public page every day, especially the #VOTD (Viz of the day) section. Needless to say, I have to learn about this amazing software.

Here come the Data School

I wouldn’t dream of the day that the skill I have learned by myself in the past is now can be useful to bring me one step closer to my dream career. Today is the last day of my 4 months of training with the Data School Down Under. Next week, I will be a part of another project with my very first client.

Looking back I have come a long way. Below is the dashboard I build for my final interview with the Data School.

And here is the latest dashboard that I have built for my final presentation before heading off to the client next week.


As you can see, the dashboard I have built before joining DSAU isn’t at the same level as what I can build today. My previous styling is very ‘basic‘, or should I put it this way ‘I think the more complex charts to be displayed, the better my dashboard will get‘. My current style is very clean and simple but by no mean display any less information.

After being exposed to more materials and inspirations, for example, Andy Kriebel (one of our coaches from the Data School UK), Kevin & Ken Flerlage, Toan Hoang, I am confident to say that what I have learned in 2 years can’t even be compared with the things I learned in 4 months with the Data School.


I can say that I am very grateful and happy with what I am today. The Data School not only show you the technical perspective but also hoon your soft skills as well, the ones that I could never learn without working in a real environment.