iNaturalist is a citizen science project and online social network of naturalists, citizen scientists and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe. In the fourth day of the dashboard week, we got to work with data related to observations of biodiversity across the world.

The data was well structured but had many columns. I pulled the data into alteryx and selected only the fields that I was interested in and pushed it as a .tde file to tableau. My alteryx workflow is shown below:

For my visualization, I wanted to make use of navigation button feature that was recently introduced by Tableau in their latest software update. My finals dashboard looked like this:

I had a simple dashboard with a few navigation buttons which when clicked on took the user to another dashboard with relevant information about that selection.

I also used shapes to allow user to filter through the final view. Please click on the link below to interact with my dashboard in Tableau Public.!/vizhome/iNaturalist-acitizenscienceproject/MAINDASHY