Few months back while looking for a career pathway I stumbled across The Data School Down Under(DSDU) and my life has never been the same again. The four months of training at DSDU has been nothing short of miracle where I got exposed to real-world knowledge and expert training. Below are the highlights of what the DSDU is all about:

Expert Training

The learning curve is very steep in DSDU. There are many incredible consultants from the MIP who come in and give us lessons about best practices in both Tableau and Alteryx. They help you become familiarize with these software in no time. You also get an opportunity to learn some advanced techniques like creating macros/applications in Alteryx and knowing the architecture and workings of Tableau server.

Team Work

Before starting my analytics journey I had this picture in my mind where I though being a data analyst means being good with numbers, sitting in front of your laptop and trying to come up with unique insights on your own. I am glad I was wrong as being a data analyst is so much more than just crunching numbers. It is about collaborating, working and sharing ideas with people who share the same passion and continuously try to improve as a part of team. I am so glad and proud to have met many people who share the same passion and enthusiasm as me.

Real-world Client Projects

In the data school, not only are you learning and working with datasets that are available in the internet, but you get to work on real time problem and projects. I had the opportunity of working with 7 different clients, each very reputed in their respected fields. Working on real-world data and interacting with clients is another big win for me as these interactions prepares you for real world engagement.


After joining the data school, I got many opportunities to meet new people and build a connection with them. I had the privilege of meeting the country manager of Tableau and Alteryx. I also got to meet Dean Stocker, the CEO of Alteryx and Michale Whitehead, the founder of WherScape. MIP, the parent company of DSDU organizes various analytics event when we get to talk to various people from different fields and industry and this I feel is an essential part of growing and becoming a successful consultant.

Presentation Skills

I still remember the day when I had my interview for a spot at The Data School Down Under. I had a nice dashboard. I had rehearsed over what I would present several times in my head but when it was time to go and present, I was scared. After getting in the DSDU, I had many opportunities to work on my presentation skills and after 4 months I must admit I have gotten better at it. I am no longer scared while presenting to different clients and this is a big win for me.

Unique Opportunity

Many companies have begun the shift from being data-generating to data-powered organization which makes a career in data analytics one for the future. The Data School goes beyond the traditional approach of hiring people based on their CV’s and looks for people who have the passion to learn. This unique feature limits the case of needing a computer science degree to join the Data School. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I am very grateful to the DSDU for giving me this unique opportunity to learn and grow as a data analytics consultant.