It’s the final day of Dashboard Week! If you don’t already know what Dashboard Week is, check out my Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 blogs. After a long week of dashboards, we were tasked with creating our final dashboard in only 6 hours as we had to present at 3pm.




The data we received today was on the Food Consumer Price Index and Producer Prices from the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of The United Nations).

The data includes Annual Producer Prices and Index, Consumer Price Indices and Monthly Producer Prices in local currency. The data includes price information for a variety of different foods from countries around the world.

With the limited time we had today, I thought I would choose a specific type of food. I ended up focusing on coffee. I used supplementary data including weather and rainfall for each country to give more context about the regions coffee is usually grown in.




Today, there was not much data cleaning as our coach Bethany already cleaned and prepared the data for us. I also used some supplementary data to help tell the story and give context.


Dashboard Week Day 5 Alteryx

Alteryx Workflow



For this dashboard, I wanted to explore why two coffee producing countries have a different trend when it comes to producer prices. With more time, I would’ve liked to include data about climate and wages that I thought may affect producer prices.


Dashboard Week Day 5 Tableau

Tableau Dashboard


The result of day 5 of Dashboard Week can be found on Tableau Public here.




Today I definitely felt rushed due to the limited time we had today. However, the important lesson I learnt was to try and produce something you can to show. Try your best and never give up!

Ricky Cai
Author: Ricky Cai