I’m excited to share my first blog in the Dashboard Week project – a comprehensive analysis of charity organizations across Australia. This analysis focuses on the financial efficiency and sustainability of these charities, offering a new perspective on their operations and impact.

In this dashboard, I utilized a comprehensive dataset from the year 2017 to 2019, encompassing various Australian charities and focusing on their activities and locations. I have applied several financial metrics for thorough analysis:

  1. Sustainability Ratio: Total Revenue / Total Expenses.
  2. Self-sufficiency Ratio: (Revenue from Goods and Services + Revenue from Investments) / Total Revenue.
  3. Cost Per Dollar Raised: Employee Expenses / Total Revenue.
  4. ROI for Employee Expenses: Net Surplus/Deficit / Employee Expenses.
  5. Employee Expense Ratio: Employee Expenses / Total Expenses.

Based on these metrics, each charity is assigned a score that reflects its financial health and operational efficiency.



This project has been a revealing journey into the financial workings of Australian charities. The scoring system offers a clear, quantifiable way to understand each charity’s effectiveness and areas for improvement.

I encourage you to explore the dashboard and see how different charities perform.



Rodrigo Diaz
Author: Rodrigo Diaz

I'm Rodrigo from Mexico, and I am passionate about learning and career growth. I hold a law degree, a master's in business management, and a diploma in civil construction design. My expertise is in starting businesses and product design. I've worked in agriculture, IT, and the public sector, gaining insights into business operations. Outside work, I'm an avid golfer and enjoy spending time with my family, especially sharing experiences with my daughter.