Welcome to day 3 of Dashboard week. Today, I bring a story for my fellow Californians and those fascinated by the mechanics of political campaigns. As we reflect on the 2018 gubernatorial race it is crucial to delve into the economic currents that have shaped California political journey in 2018.




California’s Political Prize

The Golden State, synonymous with prosperity and opportunity, serves as a crucible of political power. The quest for the governorship is more than a pursuit of position—it’s an endeavour to steer the future of an economic powerhouse. And in this quest, the arsenal of campaign finance often determines the victor.

The Story in Numbers

Let’s unpack the story that the numbers on this dashboard tell. A total of $107 million in donations paints a picture of a state heavily invested in its leadership, with an average contribution of $1.6K per person. This isn’t mere currency; it’s the quantified hope of Californians for a brighter tomorrow.

Strategic Contributions

Delving deeper into our analysis, we notice trends that signify more than mere generosity. Take, for instance, the $11.6M spike in June 2018. This is not random; it’s a calculated move aligned with pivotal campaign events, signalling when donors felt their contributions would make the most significant impact.

Who Holds the Reins?

In the race for financial backing, Antonio Villaraigosa and eventual winner Gavin Newsom stood out, with war chests of $42.01M and $37.10M, respectively. Newsom’s success is a testament to the effectiveness of his campaign’s appeal and the resonance of his vision for California.

The Backbone of Contributions

Our dashboard reflects California’s rich tapestry, with a diverse range of donors from various occupations and backgrounds contributing to their chosen candidates.

A Story Incomplete

However, we must recognize the limitations of our view. The dashboard does not, and cannot, illustrate the full extent of political financing, including PAC donations and undisclosed cash contributions—elements that remain in the political shadows.

The Takeaway

This analysis, while illuminating, is but a snapshot of a complex process. As we scrutinize the financial facets of the electoral campaign, let’s not forget that the true measure of our democratic system is not the money raised but the votes cast. The ultimate power rests not in the bank accounts of the few but in the ballots of the many.



Rodrigo Diaz
Author: Rodrigo Diaz

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