This week’s project? A dashboard on moon migration. It’s all about simplifying a complex idea into something visual and straightforward. I’ve been sketching out the data model and revealing the final design, turning the concept of moving to the moon into an engaging story. Stick around as I break down how it all pieces together.

Laying the Groundwork: My ERD Model Creation for Lunar Migration

Welcome to the first chapter of my adventure in bringing lunar migration data to life. This series of four blogs documents my journey from conceptualizing data relationships with an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) to the final visualization of lunar migration. Today, I’m excited to share how I started this project by designing an ERD model in Lucidchart.

The Importance of the ERD Model:

This ERD model is my project’s cornerstone, ensuring clarity and structure as I move forward. It’s the blueprint that guides every subsequent step, ensuring my data is well-organized and meaningful.
Creating the ERD Model in
My journey began in the platform of, where I planned and crafted the blueprint of the lunar migration data structure. I focused on four key schemas.

SpaceShips: I detailed the vessels that make lunar journeys possible.
Trips: I connected SpaceShips to the Travelers, laying out the logistics of each journey.
Travelers & Crew: I profiled the brave souls journeying to or facilitating these historic voyages.

Each of them was designed to capture essential data points critical for understanding the complexities of migrating to the moon.

With the ERD model set, I’m gearing up for the next phases of my project:
– Generating synthetic data with Mockaroo to mirror the patterns of lunar migration.
– Cleaning and prepping the data in Alteryx, making it ready for analysis.
– Bringing the story of lunar migration to vivid life with Tableau.

Crafting the ERD model was just the beginning of my journey. I invite you to follow along as I explore into the details of data generation, preparation, and visualization.

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