For Day 4 of Dashboard Week, I’ve delved into the data on crimes in San Francisco, with a specific focus on motor vehicle theft. The city has witnessed a troubling trend of such thefts from 2020 to 2024. Despite law enforcement efforts and a significant number of recovered vehicles, high theft rates continue to plague the city.


A Look at the Numbers

In 2024, data shows a striking number of thefts, peaking at 934 incidents. An associated increase occurred around the same time as a rise in interest rates, suggesting a possible link between economic factors and the propensity for vehicle theft. While the recovery rate is significant at 36%, the fact that a majority of victims don’t see their vehicles returned underscores the urgent need for enhanced preventive measures.

When Do Thefts Occur?

A detailed month-by-year analysis reveals that certain periods are especially susceptible to theft. The heatmap data points to July of 2023 as having higher theft rates, possibly influenced by factors such as increased tourism or residents being away on summer vacations.

Analysing Patterns

The heatmap analysis indicates that vehicle thefts in San Francisco spike after noon and peak again after 4 pm, especially on Fridays. This data suggests the need for focused law enforcement efforts during these high-risk windows to combat theft.

The Path Forward

These insights demand action. The San Francisco Police Department, having succeeded in recovering a portion of the stolen vehicles, must persist in innovating and applying strategies to deter theft. Increased community awareness, heightened patrols during identified high-risk hours, and the deployment of advanced surveillance methods are key steps in this ongoing battle.




Rodrigo Diaz
Author: Rodrigo Diaz

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